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ThreeSix Setup Guide

Guide to getting the most out of your ThreeSix Downhill longboard setup.

longboard wheelbase.jpg

Wheelbase: The ThreeSix topmount has 24 different wheelbase combinations available to fine tune the deck's response and handling. "Wheelbase" is the distance between the front and rear axles of your longboard. Although, it's actually measured between the inside bolts on the trucks when reading the spec sheet of a longboard. A longer wheelbase is stable at high speeds due to the deck having a larger turning radius. This is good for pushing long distances and fast freeride. A shorter overall wheelbase gives the board a tighter turning radius and is better for carving, adds agility, and offers more grip. This also gives the deck a more solid feel for heavier riders.

Adjusting the front truck position to a shorter wheelbase position will place more weight over the truck. This is recommended in almost every situation as it gives the rider more controllable slides, more stability at high speeds, and more leverage over the trucks for carving.

Adjusting the rear truck position to a shorter wheelbase will allow you to trade high speed stability for more grip, more agility, quicker slide initiation and hookup, as well as a more solid feel.

longboard double drop deck.jpg
drop through topmount longboard.jpg

Double Drop Mounting Options: The double drop has a fixed wheelbase, but allows the trucks to be top mounted or dropped through the deck.

TM: When topmounted, you will have more leverage over the trucks for carving and throwing out slides, more ground clearance, more wheel/turn clearance. This is the way to go if you want lots of turn and the ability to run big wheels with lots of clearance.

DT: When dropped through, the deck is super low and very stable. The truck leverage is reduced and wheel clearance is reduced. This is great for long distance and fast runs. but can still be fun for carving due to the large about of clearance still available even when the deck is lowered.

Whether you are trying to push, carve, slide, or race, check out these suggested wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. to get the most out of any longboarding setup: