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ThreeSix rider Andrew Karnowka answers our most commonly asked questions:


What is your setup?

My setup is the ThreeSix Downhill topmount deck with Ronin Billet trucks (50°/35°) and Venom Bushings (90a boardside/ 87a roadside). I ride Venom Cannibals (76mm 78a) and Seismic bearings. I find this set up perfect for anything from cruising around town to bombing mountain passes.

Why do you run split angles?

I ride split angles because of the stability it gives you. Split angles allow the board to feel less jumpy and more predictable. It also makes slides, mostly for downhill, more precise. The sliding feels more snappy, but it allows you to pull out of a slide and hook up to grip almost instantly.

Which wheelbase option do you use on the ThreeSix topmount? Why?

I ride the shortest wheelbase option available on the ThreeSix. I do so because I like to feel the most possible grip when in tight corners. The ThreeSix is a super stable deck so you don't have to worry about losing much stability when shortening the wheelbase.

How's the concave?

The concave on the ThreeSix is very aggressive. It keeps your feet locked in under any circumstance.

Do your feet EVER get stuck in the holes?

Not at all! The holes are strategically placed so that the angle of your foot and the angle of the holes are almost never the same when riding. The holes are also not big enough to cause any concern.

Those cutouts look like they take away a lot of grip tape area, is it grippy?

Probably one of the greatest assets of this board is the amount of grip the deck has on your feet. Even though there is a lot of surface area missing due to the cutouts, the aggressive edges from each cut grip the sole of your shoe better than any solid sheet of grip tape.

It looks like it would break easily, is it strong?

This board was designed to be as strong and as durable as possible. Each cutout is designed to spread forces throughout the board while keeping it lightweight. Whether dropping off a curb or early grabbing a kicker, this board will hold up!

What if you curb it?

Like any other board, the ThreeSix is not completely invincible. Curbing this board might cause small dents and scrapes to the rail or nose of the board, but it will not do any serious damage.

Can it really get wet and not rust or warp?

Because this deck is aluminum, you do not have to worry about it rusting or warping. This board will withstand any practical riding conditions.

What is your favorite road and what makes it so cool?

Personally, I would have to say that the Pikes Peak Highway is my favorite road that I have skated so far. It's only skateable once a year during the Pikes Peak Downhill event that is part of the IDF world tour. This road has an intimidation factor because your are hitting turns at over 50 mph and at that altitude, air-braking doesn't work well! This is a very technical course and I really like finding new lines that make it fast and fun.

Any events planned for the rest of this year?

As of the rest of this season, no. That being said, I hope to make it to a couple IDF races during this upcoming race season. I'm looking forward to competing in the Pikes Peak Downhill, Maryhill Festival of Speed, Whistler Longboard Festival, and possibly Angie's Curves.

What race do you want to do most next year?

Pikes Peak is almost always the top of my list because it's in Colorado. The convenience makes it easy and I really like the road.

What tips do you have for riders that want to learn slides?

First off, always use a helmet. Learning to slide can be very dangerous. So, it's not worth the risk of not wearing one. The best piece of advice I can give is that commitment is key. Try to find a location where you can practice all day and not get kicked out. Have fun! If you don't enjoy it, whats the point?