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Terms & Conditions

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport. ThreeSix Downhill and Isaac Cogdill are not responsible for any damage or injury (personal or to others) that may occur due to improper use, inadequate personal protection, or loss of control. Skateboards are meant to be used in safe area by someone who knows what they are doing. Each ThreeSix deck is cut from heat treated aluminum plate, be careful and don't use it as a sword.


Care: With proper care, your ThreeSix Downhill deck will last a lifetime. The 6061-T6 Aluminum your ThreeSix is made from will never rust and water will not hurt it. The best way to keep it clean is by wiping it down with a damp cloth or mineral spirits. If it gets really nasty or you just want to give it that brand new brushed finish again, take a wire brush and swirl it all over the deck. This will remove dirt, grime, bugs, and small scratches. Wipe the excess dust with a dry or damp cloth and it will look brand new!

⚠ Caution: The ThreeSix decks are designed to last for years and years of skating. We have boards with over 5 years of constant racing, sliding, and daily commuting in the roughest conditions. THESE DECKS ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE! Unlike wood, aluminum can permanently flex without breaking. When flexed too far, aluminum will "yield" and develop a permanent flex that is not repairable. ThreeSix decks are not meant for street skating, big drops, repeated center flexing, etc. These are solid DH/freeride decks that will last a very long time when properly cared for.